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Where do rainbows come from?

Rainbows happen when sunlight and rain team up together. Sunlight is actually made up of different colors that we don't usually see. 


When a beam of sunlight comes down to Earth, the light is white.  But, when the light beam happens to hit raindrops on the way down at a certain angle, we see the different colors that make up the beam split up and…BOOM! , we have a rainbow. 


Why do we have a belly button?

As a baby grows inside the mother, he or she floats in fluid inside the mother's womb. Now, the baby needs to eat. And breathe oxygen. So, nature made this cool feeder tube for the baby called the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and nutrients directly from the mother to the baby.


 Your belly button marks the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached. The brand-new baby doesn't need an umbilical cord anymore. So, the doctor cuts the cord and what do we have? Say hello to the Belly Button!


Who created the globe?

The first globe was created by a German mapmaker named Martin Behaim in 1492. Martin was inspired by the discoveries of Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish astronomer who suggested that the Earth and its surrounding planets were round, not flat.


Behaim called his globe an “Erdapfel,” or “Earth Apple.” Cool name, don’t you think?

Why is the sky blue?

The Earth’s atmosphere is filled with trillions of little dust particles. So little, the human eye can’t even see them. By coincidence, the smallest of these particles are the same length as the wavelength of the blue light.


As the light travels from Sun to Earth, most of the colours reach uninterrupted. Except guess what? Blue! Since they dust particles are the same size as the colours’ wavelength, the colour blue is scattered everywhere and that is what we eventually see!

Why can birds fly and we can?t?

Birds fly with the help of their wings and super light frame and bones. In addition to this the air sacs present in their body make them even lighter. Also, birds’ muscles are very strong as compared to the weight of their body. These strong muscles help the birds to fly easily with their wings.


As compare to birds our body is much heavier. We would need extremely large wings to fly (which would be kind of cool) AND we do not have air sacs in our body like birds (sigh). But that didn’t stop us from building airplanes, helicopters, gliders and mega rockets!

How do fish breathe?

They have sets of thin flat lacy things called gills instead of lungs! They suck water into their mouths and then push it out through these gills which are located on either side of their mouth. As the water flows out, their gills pick up the oxygen in the water so they can breathe. Cool, right?

How do snakes move?

On the underside of the snake there are broad scales. Snakes push the rear edge of these scales against spots on the ground. When these scales are pushed against rough and irregular spots, the entire body of the snake moves forward. But the really cool thing about the snake's movement is how those scales are made to move with a great number of ribs. So the "legs" of the snake are its ribs and the "feet" are the scales. 

When the snake is in a hurry, it throws its body into an S-shaped curve, this loop or curve pushes against anything it touches and the snake glides forward swiftly like a smooth operator.

If the world is spinning, why don't we fall?

Ok, let’s start with gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls anything with mass (which is pretty much – Everything) towards the center of the earth and never pushes you away from it. So, you could be on opposite corners of the world, but gravity will stick to what it knows best, keeping you on the ground.


Now, gravity is pretty stubborn, that’s why men created super ultra strong jet engines to escape its pull to fly airplanes and even go to SPACE!!

Where does the sea end?

Before we answer that, lets share a couple of interesting facts:


1. More than 70% of earth is covered in water.

2. The Earth is round.


So, when you are looking out at the big blue sea, it is a tiny part of a bigger, bluer ocean which itself is a small percentage of this great big, blue planet we call home. So, if you were to follow a straight line from where you look out at the sea, you would eventually land right back at where you are. So the sea really extends as far as your imagination does.

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